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Feb 2018

034 - What the F&%$ Just Happened?!

February 28, 2018

Join Chris (@TokuChris), Jordan (@DenO_Tokunation) and Tom (@soulinkchu) as they discuss all the news that came out of Toy Fair NY 2018 weekend regarding the Power Rangers brand.


Leading up to Toy Fair New York 2018, a brand new Power Rangers logo was accidentally leaked online, Saban Brands announced an end to the 25 year relationship with Bandai America, and Hasbro moved in officially becoming a the new daddy to the franchise.  But how the F&%$ did it happen and what the F&%$ does it mean?  Chris, Jordan, and Tom break down the news - including a timeline of how it went down - and what we hope and expect to see out of Hasbro's acquisition of the master toy license for Power Rangers.


NOTE - all discussion is simply speculative, as no concrete information is available.